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E-fulfilment Packaging

Protective eco chips 

E-fulfilment Packaging

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Commands Fulfilment Packaging Options

Ensuring our customers’ e-commerce orders arrive in perfect condition is a priority for our business.  We understand that our e-fulfilment service is an integral part of your brand promise – which is why our experienced team have developed packaging options to suit most purposes. But more than that, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment through our approach to packaging, as well as keeping costs low by standardising as much of our packaging purchasing as we can, and passing these benefits onto our customers. 

The packaging we have developed is suitable for most e-commerce businesses. 

We can also use customers’ own packaging* or use a mixture of our packaging and a customers branded packaging.  Our team can also help advise on suitable alternatives and source and trial new ideas*.

* Not available with E-Commerce Express


Packaging Options

Standard Packaging Description


Mini mailing bag – grey recycled 230mm x 310mm
Midi mailing bag – grey recycled 320mm x 440mm
Maxi mailing bag – grey recycled 550mm x 740mm
Padded envelope 0 150mm x 210mm
Padded envelope 2 215mm x 265mm
Padded envelope 7 350mm x 470mm
Mini box  – single wall – including void & seal 229mm x 152mm x 152mm
Midi box  – single wall– including void & seal 305mm x 305mm x 254mm
Maxi box – single wall– including void & seal 620mm x 345mm x 345mm
Mini box – double wall– including void & seal 310mm x 220mm x 250mm
Midi box – double wall– including void & seal 385mm x 330mm x 280mm
Maxi box – double wall– including void & seal 700mm x 485mm x 500mm
Air cushions 6 bags
Kraft paper 50cm
Eco chips
Geami wrap


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