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Frequently Asked Questions 

Find the answers to the most frequently asked customer questions about e-commerce fulfilment and working  Commands.

Order Fulfilment

Do you have minimum order quantities?

We collaborate with online retailers of all sizes, so whether you’re just starting out or a well-known brand, we’re excited to discuss things further with you!  Please contact sales@commands.co.uk

Do you charge setup fees?

Typically, there’s a standard charge to set up your account on our system, if you’re using a popular ecommerce platform, we’ve got it covered! With over 20+ ecommerce shopping cart integrations and 20+ inventory systems, we’re all about making things easy for you.For those more complex or custom setups, we might need to chat about potential setup development costs before diving in. But, no surprises here – we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way!

And when it comes to getting your initial stock all sorted out, we’ll handle it just like any other inbound delivery. Simple as that!  Let us know if you’ve got any questions!

Do you have long term contracts?

No, our standard contract is a 90-day rolling contract. We believe that we don’t need to tie you into complicated long-term contracts. If you would like us to provide you with something a little longer term, we would be more than happy to sort this out for you. 

How much does your fulfilment service cost?

We are happy to offer transparent pricing options. You can request a quote by filling out our “Get Selling” form or feel free to reach out to us sales@commands.co.uk for further information.

Do you handle returns?

Naturally, yes. We assist with all facets of returns in various product sectors.
Streamlined processing, meticulous quality control, comprehensive reporting, and adaptable infrastructure.

Do you have a web portal or system I can log into?

Absolutely! Our system is cloud-based, allowing you to easily access it from any device with a web browser. If you require varying levels of access for your team members, we can set up multiple logins with different user permissions to accommodate your needs.

Do you ship parcels internationally?

Of course we do! We provide a range of international parcel delivery services through our selected carrier partners.

Can you fulfil my Amazon orders as well?

Absolutely, we can. We offer a straightforward integration with Amazon’s Seller Central, allowing us to handle your Amazon orders along with orders from other selling channels, providing an alternative to Amazon FBA. Depending on your sales performance, you may have the option to provide Prime listings on Amazon using Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). Empower yourself to have more control over your customer experience, regardless of the sales channel you use.

Can you store and distribute alcohol?

Yes, we can for a range of clients in spirits/wines/beers/ cocktails.  We’re fully licenced for the distribution of alcohol which we do for a growing number of drinks brands. We are not a bonded warehouse.

Getting Started

How long does it take to get up and running?

It varies based on several factors. For our smaller customers with a limited range of products, we can have everything set up within 48 hours of your stock arriving, and sometimes even sooner. For larger businesses and more complex product ranges, it would be ideal to contact us for a personalised discussion about your business needs.

How do I know if I'm ready to outsource my order fulfilment?

That is quite a significant question, and the answer varies. Some of the retailers we collaborate with opt to outsource their order fulfilment right from the start because they prefer not to handle it themselves. Just like you, you might already be handling your own fulfilment, but as things have expanded, you may find it challenging to juggle this along with all your other responsibilities. If this is the case, it would be a good opportunity to have a conversation with someone like us to explore how we could assist.  You can also read a bit more information in our blog post The Power of Outsourcing E-commerce Fulfilment

I'm currently using another fulfilment provider, how do I transfer to you?

We are aware of how crucial it can be to decide whether to relocate your fulfilling business, particularly if your present solution isn’t meeting your needs. We frequently deal with this, thus we have a lot of experience handling this procedure. Please discuss any worries you may have with us, and we will discuss how we can support you. It is always our request that you verify if you are bound by any kind of agreement with your present service provider.

Once I've agreed to go ahead, what happens next?

As soon as you inform us that you are interested in joining our team, we will go over the entire onboarding procedure and schedule a time to meet. Many factors will affect the actual timeframes for “go-live,” but these will be addressed with you in advance. You will be handed over to the daily operations team after being onboarded.  Your Team will receive instruction and training from us.

Platform Integration

Which ecommerce platforms do you integrate with?

We offer more than 25+ pre-built shopping cart integrations, including many more like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, along with other marketplaces like Not on the High Street and Yumbles, we also have multiple interfaces with the major online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Ebay.  You can find out more here – but do give us a call too as the list is constantly being updated. 

I'm not technical at all, do I need the help of a developer?

With access to the backend of your system, we can navigate through the integration setup process for most platforms,which is typically straightforward. If you have a highly customised setup or bespoke system your developer is likely to be involved to determine how the systems will be connected.

What does the system integration actually do?

Order Importing:  Imagine a direct line from your customer’s order on your website to our system. This way, we instantly know what needs to be fulfilled. Once we’ve shipped it out, we send a message back through that same line to let your system know it’s on its way.

Stock Sync: This is like a constant conversation between our systems about your products. Whenever we receive a shipment of your stock, it’s like telling your website, “Hey, these items are now available for sale!” This ensures both systems always show the correct amount of stock available.

Do you sync the stock to our website?

This feature is supported by the majority of our connectors. In order to prevent overselling of low-quantity items, this is usually scheduled to occur regularly. If your products are sold from other locations you may not want the sync function operational.  After incoming goods has been checked in and approved by our system, they are published to your website and made available for purchase during the subsequent stock sync.

How is the order status for fulfilled orders updated on my website?

Every time our connector makes contact – which happens every 15 minutes – we send updates regarding the order progress back to your website. Your website will then, if set up to do so, notify your customer of any pertinent updates on the status of their order.

Can you integrate with more than one website?

Indeed. Orders and stock can be synchronised between multiple selling systems.

Can I also upload orders into your system manually?

You certainly can. You can upload files in bulk or individually using your login.

Product Sectors

Do you handle larger products, like furniture?

It varies. We only deal with smaller items, usually those weighing less than 25 kg and not requiring a more than one person to lift.

What types of products do you handle?

We handle a wide variety of products for our customers.  From homewares, linen, sportswear, footwear, clothing, alcohol, health & wellbeing products and many more. Feel free to ask if you have a specific need.

Can you fulfil alcoholic-based products?

Yes we can – we’re fully licenced for alcohol distribution, providing this service to various brands and sectors including spirts/wines/beer/RTD Cocktails.

Are you organic certified?

Yes we are and have held BDA Certification since 2021. We have a growing number of clients who need a fulfilment partner with organic certification.  You can read more in our blog post We’re Organic! 

Do you provide a garment processing service?

Although we handle fulfilment for numerous apparel brands, we do not specialise in garment processing. We do, however, offer services like kimballing, labelling, folding, and bagging.


Who insures my product when in your warehouse?

We can do. Our fulfilment service includes insurance cover for the replacement value of your products while in our warehouses.  However, most of our clients prefer to use their own insurance for third party warehousing/fulfilment.

Do you insure against courier damages or lost parcels?

Every parcel carrier offers a set insurance value to cover any damage or loss of your products during transit. If this occurs, we will handle any claims with the parcel carriers for you. You will just need to provide specific information about the product to support these claims. We are unable to take responsibility for lost or damaged parcels, although it is not a frequent occurrence, it is a typical risk when using a parcel carrier.  

Parcel Carriers

Which parcel carrier do you work with?

We think it’s crucial to offer options, for both you and your customer. Thus, we collaborate with the leading parcel carriers to provide a variety of services that cater to your requirements, such as DPD, Royal Mail, ParcelForce, and DHL. If you have a particular parcel carrier need, feel free to discuss with us how we might be able to assist.

Can I use my own shipping account with your service?

Yes, that’s possible although we try and offer every possible option, so there is something to suit you already. By consolidating everything through our accounts, this means we can provide all our customers with a great value shipping service, no matter what volumes they currently ship.