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Contact Centre and Data Services

Effective direct mail campaigns are often dependent on getting the data right upfront and ensuring any call to action is handled effectively – in a way that builds the relationship between brand and customer. 

Commands are experts in both.  

Data cleansing

Getting your data right ahead of any direct mail campaign is a key step in making sure your mailing is as effective as it can be.  It’s often one of the areas that businesses overlook or simply don’t know how to achieve.  We can help.  Before ordering your print, we can work with you to provide a data health check, remove out of date records and duplicates and make sure everything is exactly as it needs to be before we go ahead and personalise the campaign. 

By doing this, we can help you save money on printing and postage costs and deliver a better ROI for the direct mail campaign overall. 

It’s worth saying we are certified to UKAS ISO 27001 which maintains high end processes to ensure customer data is secure.


Contact Centre

At our site in Glasgow, Commands has in-house call centre facilities with a dedicated data capture team to help with any direct to consumer response handling.  Our agents are trained to ensure they reflect the ethos of your company when dealing directly with your customers. We can bank and thank responses. We are fully accredited including PCI.

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  • List building/cleansing

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